Service for PVD, Etch & PECVD Systems

Spare Parts

Large stock of parts are available to supply all evaporation systems of the BAK family, etch and PECVD systems. Alternative solutions for discontinued parts are available. Our spare part prices include packaging and shipping. Please contact if you have any questions.


Retrofits will be performed according to your needs. You may choose between several variants: From the replacement of the computer only to a complete revision of the electrical system, the electronics and the media supply. A retrofit or an upgrade of the electron beam guns may also be performed according to your specifications.


Our experienced service engineers are available for installation, retrofits, regular maintenance and service of your systems. We may work out detailed maintenance schedules for you according to your requirements. These schedules contain work procedures, scheduling, a list of all required parts and the responsible contact person if you need assistance. We also offer the service of planning and performing the disassembly, the relocation and the assembly of your vacuum coating systems.


Our service network allows us to provide a service engineer for troubleshooting within a short period of time. A service contract may be used to specify the response time. In addition, our application engineers may support you with regard to processes and they may work out and implement measures to rectify the problems on site.


We offer training to vacuum coating equipment, etch and PECVD systems. We can cater to different levels of training requirements by the customers.

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